Premio Internazionale Lydia Biondi

In memory of Lydia Biondi, master of Commedia dell’Arte and compleat artist of stage and screen, the association MTM LYDIA BIONDI, to  support and encourage young artists in creating theater that transcends language barriers to achieve universal appeal in the grand tradition of Commedia dell’Arte, in collaboration with M.Th.I., Teatro Dell’Angelo, and Laboratori Permanenti, announces the Premio Internazionale Lydia Biondi 2017 – Blending and Integrating Theater Languages.                         ITALIAN

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Download the application and complete rules of the competition here  

                Col patrocinio del Comune di Livorno                      con il sostegno di


                                                                       in collaborazione con


Lydia’s curriculum vitae in Italian

Applications must be submitted to MTM LYDIA Biondi no later than September 30, 2017.